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Cuntry Cuntry

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Credit the music

The song is "Dick in Dixie" by Hank Williams III

Though this isn't the album version, and this version doesn't sound like Hank III did it.

Where'd you get the audio? If it's a cover, who's the band?

deead as deead as

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not Bad

Kind of reminds me of the weird little shorts that used to be shown on "Liquid Television" back in the day. The animation style works for the piece.

The RCR Shorts 1 The RCR Shorts 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty Funny

Nice twist there. One of my favorite games of all time. BARF!

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Card Game! Card Game!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow - A whole new level of Card Strategy!!!!

Once you figure out the Bonuses this is awesome!!! I was hooked for like 3 hours!!! I guess you have to be clever to put those secrets in - don't want just anybody to see 'em.... It was simply amazing! Dude, this was even better than breaking in to a bank vault!!!!! I can't believe what I saw!!!

The Necronomicon 2.0 The Necronomicon 2.0

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fantastic Game

Well done! Love the art and card choices, and the challenge mode is a great addition. I am a big fan of Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos, and have really enjoyed both of these games, keep 'em coming.

Anyway, here's my two cents:

I love the fact that insanity plays such a role in the game, and I really like the random effects of going insane. However, the effects of insanity seem to be a bit off.

The Megalomania effect is perfect. More power while your life decreases works nicely and is great for strategy.

Xenophobia on the other hand doesn't seem to be too much of a hindrance since the monsters are singular, and can only counter-attack.

Schizophrenia just seems to negate a lot of choices, and really just makes a lot of cards useless. Doesn't really hurt the player, but just makes a lot of cards dead.

Agoraphobia is pretty interesting, but I think that when someone suffers this effect, the other cards should be face down.

In my opinion, going insane should carry a 50/50 chance of instant death for either the player or opponent.

It would be incentive to stay away from going insane except in a last resort.

Also, it'd be great to see more than one summoned monster available to attack at one time, and I think that the player should lose sanity for each round that he has one or more summoned monsters in play. (1 Monster -1, Two Monsters -2, Three Monsters -4, Four Monsters -8, etc.)

It would also be interesting if the monsters that were summoned had a chance to overtake the creator. After all, if you summoned Cthulhu, how likely is it that he'd obey your every beck and whim?

Also, it'd be pretty neat to be able to choose an archetype as you started, whose stats would increase each level accordingly. For instance:

Professor: (Higher sanity / Lower Life)

Detective: (Higher Life / Lower Sanity)

Occultist: (Greater magic bonuses / Special Insanity Effect)

Anyway, great game, it a lot of fun. Just make sure to include Pickman next time.

Anaksha: Female Assassin Anaksha: Female Assassin

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Game - Spelling Principal/Principle

Well done! You obviously put a lot of work into the game and it shows.

There is a spelling error in the game. When referring to the head of a school, the correct spelling is "Principal" not "Principle"

This occurs a few times in the storyline, and once in the animated newspaper headlines.

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ArifRocks responds:

Ah damn! I got the spelling wrong because we don't use that word here in Britain. We call them Head Teachers or Headmasters - yeah it sounds old and creepy I know! :) Anyway thanks for letting me know. I'll try and correct that on the next update.